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The Phantasty C1

Our Phantasty C1 Latte Art Printer will print you any desired logo, quotes, or photos, aiming to give you a very special charm.

The simplistic and reliable software with integrated touch screen makes our Coffee Printer outstanding. Simply place the beverage on the printing surface, select the desired graphic on the touch screen and print on almost any kind of food with a flat surface in just a few seconds – that’s it!

The Phantasty C2

The Phantasty C2 Latte Art Printer is designed to produce more prints on coffee and save more time.

Unlike the C1 the Phantasty C2 can print on full colors on any foam-based drinks and can print four different designs at once. Phantasty C2 comes with built in Wifi and mobile app, making the process of using the printer easy and reliable. Simply connect your mobile device (Phone/Tablet) or the customer mobile device to the printer, place the beverage on the printing surface, select the desired graphic design or selfie and print on almost any kind of food with a flat surface (even cakes and cookies!) in just a few seconds.

Our Happy Clients!

"We've gone from serving 50 drinks a month to over 2000 a month. every customer takes a picture and shares it on social media"
Kia Illulian
owner of carrera cafe, la
"Phantasty printer is my marketing, it differentiates me from the others... and it's working really well!"
Charles Asselbaye
Owner of Local joe cafe, Hawaii
"Everything local creates a sense of community. Phantasty printer fits that well, each post averages 1000+ likes after we started using the Phantasty printer on our business"
Karin Granger​
Social Media Expert at San Remo Bakery, Toronto
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Remarkably Versatile.

Whether traditional cafés, modern restaurants or corporate events.

The Phantasty® is suitable for any gastronomy to offer your guests unique experiences.​



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Our skilled staff is always available to offer help or answer all types of questions.

Try the Phantasty® risk-free for 30 days. if you’re not wowed with the value you’re getting for your investment, we’ll happily give you a full refund, your experience comes first no questions asked! 

A 12-month warranty is included when purchasing our printing device. 

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