Phantasty C1 Cofee Art Printer – 1 Cup

$2,199.99 $1,599.99

  • Print your own drink or food.
  • User-friendly experience with just two clicks.
  • 100% neutral on taste.
  • Wifi Enabled, let your customers upload their designs with simple QR code scanning.
  • Print in 10 seconds!
  • 12 months guarantee!
  • Free world-wide shipping.
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Simple & User-friendly.


The Phantasty will print you any desired logo, quotes, or photos, aiming to give you a very special charm.

The simplistic and reliable software with integrated touch screen makes our Coffee Art Printer outstanding. Simply place the beverage on the printing surface, select the desired graphic on the touch screen and print on almost any kind of food with a flat surface in just a few seconds – that’s it!

The special combination of approved dyes prints almost all foods with a flat surface in just a few seconds.

Get recognition.


Especially popular is the printing of coffee, ice cream, creamy surfaces, biscuits and cakes but also waffles and desserts. There are no limits of creativity!

At International trade fairs and corporate events, the Phantasty has gained popularity and attracts the attention of companies. Printed foods are an absolute highlight and also have a great popularity in the social media platforms.

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